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George J. Roll & Sons offers building material products from the major manufacturers listed below.  Contact us if you don't see something listed, we probably have it or can locate it easily.  For your convenience, Material Safety Data Sheets and links to manufacturer web sites have been provided if available.


We carry all types, sizes and lengths of drywall including but not limited to standard, water resistant, foil back, shaftwall, and cement board products.  

Major Product Lines MSDS Links
American Gypsum http://www.americangypsum.com/
Temple Inland http://www.temple.com/general/msds.html
National Gypsum http://www.nationalgypsum.com/msds/
Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/build/msds.aspx
USG Joint Compound http://usg.com/literature/lit_index.asp?typ=msds
Trim-Tex Corner Bead http://www.trim-tex.com



We carry several different gauges of structural and non structural framing  steel in a variety of lengths and sizes. 

Major Product Lines MSDS Links
Marino\Ware http://www.marinoware.com
Clark Western http://www.clarksteel.com
Dietrich Industries http://www.dietrichmetalframing.com



We stock a variety of insulation sizes and R factors in batt packaging.

Major Product Lines MSDS Links
Owens Corning http://www.owenscorning.com/msds.asp



From high quality 4-ply fir plywood to OSB, we have it.  Our plywood comes from the best mills in the United States.



We carry dimensional and specialty lumber in many sizes and wood types.  Construction grade, finished grade, cedar, pine, treated, an overall wide selection.  We carry specialty items like top quality cedar for decking &   siding projects as well as laminated beams for long structural spans.


Tools & Supplies

We stock all your needs for your drywall crew. We have a wide selection
of tools for both hanging and finishing crews. Ask us about our selection
of screwguns, routers, taping knives and automatic taping tools.

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